The Liv at MB is a new dream project in Singapore which is a sea-facing condominium. Its location is perfect as one can enjoy their time in the park present within walking distance. Even the airports, stations, and bus stands are located near the condominium. Many transformation areas are located very close to the place.

All importantcentres are accessible:

The condominium is situated in such a place that it takes only 10 minutes to reach the nearest station. You need to take a bus from the bus station. Also, the major highways are present there, and one doesn’t need a long route for travelling. The family can enjoy their vacation and can get extra long journeys. One of the most positive aspects of the condominium is hospitals and schools are very near. You can reach the hospital in 10 minutes by driving. Many big and reputed schools are present very near the Liv at MB. Some are even located within walking distance from the condominium. There is also some International School present near this area. Parents can feel relaxed as they don’t have to send their children far away.

Why it is the right choice:

As a family, people love to spend time shopping and dining together on the weekends. Now they will get popular shopping malls and restaurants near their place. There are various old malls which give great service to the customers are there. If you are a foodie, you going to love this place. There are new cafes, and food stalls are opening in the street very near to the condominium. They serve you delicious traditional cuisine and also some new “must try” cuisine. You need to save yourself from getting spoilt, as all these food heavens are just some minutes away. Even the small hawker presents some mouth-watering street food. You will never go to regret purchasing a flat in this condominium. There are so many recreational parks present over there.

Also, yoga and many other fitness-related classes run in the neighborhood. People of all ages will love this place.