Is it safe to purchase gardening supplies online? Although you should be concerned about package safety during quarantines and whenever you order Plants online, the source of damage is generally very low. Plant purchase isn’t just a matter of choosing up whichever plant pots the supermarket occurs to have it on display for design-conscious people. No, we want that perfect snake plant for something that we all have the ideal stances, or that tinker leaf plantain that people actually imagine draping just really over the lounge room wanting to read saddle.

Things to Consider When Buying Plants Online

This may sound strange, but when shopping for plants online, don’t forget to include your location. In-person nurseries typically stock native plants that thrive in their local environment, but this aren’t always the case on the internet though this applies plants online, of course, more to outdoor plants than indoor ones. Look up your Defining area and match ones plant’s area to it to make sure that the plants you’re interested throughout will also stay alive, but thrive under your treatment. To avoid falling in love with something only to be disappointed when you realize you can’t grow it where you live, start by filtering your plant search by region

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Is it safe to order gardening supplies online?

COVID-19’s chances of being carried on a package are also slim. The virus is unlikely to survive for more than a few days due to shipping conditions, and one study by the National Institutes of Health found that the virus may only survive on cardboard for 24 hours. However, your package may have been handled by several people, and hopefully no one coughed or sneezed on it before it arrived at your home. If you’re still concerned, or if someone in your family belongs to a high-risk group, there are additional precautions you can take when ordering plants through the mail. It’s never a bad idea to be cautious.